From Business Modeling to Data Vault

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From Business Modeling to Data Vault: Ellie meets Datavault Builder or the power of Meta Data

Organize your data with a business-driven focus. Drive your technical solution. Capture and structure your business terminology and requirements in Ellie and generate your Data Vault solution in Datavault Builder.

In this webinar, we show you how these 2 industry-leading tools in their realm work together and can help you to become better organized and more productive than ever before. In a live demo because it works.

Ellie is an intuitive cloud-based visual modeling tool with enterprise-level business glossary and information architecture features. Developed by Ellie Technologies Inc., it's used around the world for managing and understanding core data assets in diverse industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and insurance.

The Datavault Builder is a 4th generation model-driven end to end Data Warehouse automation tool covering all aspects and phases of a Data Warehouse including Design & Development, Lifecycle Management, & Operations.

Sep 2
11:00 AM