Datavault Builder

The Datavault Builder is a 4th generation data driven end to end Data Warehouse automation tool with a Visual Interface, covering all aspects and phases of a Data Warehouse including: Design & Development, Lifecycle Management, & Operations.

It enables to develop and automate a scalable Data Warehouse in an agile way, adds a business perspective to technical implementations for facilitating collaboration throughout the organization, integrates new sources and growing amount of data agile, manages operational costs by continuous maintained technical patterns and a standardized approach; and ensures full transparency of your model & data by automated Documentation and Data Lineage modules

Datavault Builder’s mission is to enable its clients to:
Make the right decisions.    
Data driven.

To learn more about the Datavault Builder, please visit:
Key Contact:  Tobias Stahel | | +41 32 511 27 89