Webinar: Fuel analytics with self-service Hadoop data prep

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The great paradox of data analysis is that 80% of the overall analysis process is spent cleaning or preparing data. The reason is the complexity and diversity of data. Complicating matters is that users increasingly expect self-service, yet their organizations struggle to help them effectively work with data in a properly governed and secure environment.

Join us for this informative live webinar with Trifacta to learn more about the emergence of new self-service data preparation solutions for Hadoop and how companies are benefitting. We will discuss how Trifacta’s data wrangling solutions can be leveraged to improve the efficiency of existing analytics processes and successfully execute new analytics initiatives. The demo and discussion will also include customer case study examples. During this session you will learn:
- The challenges self-service data preparation solutions are designed to solve and why the space has quickly gained in popularity.
- How organizations are implementing self-service data preparation to execute new types of analysis or augment existing processes.
- The range of user and administrative features of self-service data preparation tools like Trifacta.
- How companies like PepsiCo and Royal Bank of Scotland use self-service data preparation.

Thursday, June 16, 2016
10am PT/ 1pm ET
60 minutes