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  • Rick van der Lans over Data Mesh en nieuwe data architecture

  • Mike Ferguson about migrating a data warehouse to the cloud

  • Barry Devlin about adopting AI capabilities on top of BI-sys

  • Peter Boncz over cloudgebaseerde databases

  • Peter Boncz over samenwerking tussen CWI en Databricks

  • Professor Sandra Wachter on AI and Ethics

  • Kent Graziano on agile methods and data warehousing

  • Keith McCormick on analytical projects

  • Nigel Turner on data strategy

  • Lawrence Corr on data modeling for BI

  • Rick van der Lans over nieuwe databasetechnologie

  • Nigel Turner on data quality

  • Martin Kersten over databases in de cloud

  • Peter Hinssen: nog nooit zo spannend geweest in de wereld va

  • Mike Ferguson about cloud, data virtualization and the infor

  • Donald Farmer on analytics, uncertainty and self-service BI

  • Carl Olofson from IDC on integrated data platforms

  • William McKnight on Agile Project Management

  • Mark Madsen on Multi-Use Data Infrastructures and Analytics

  • prof. Bart Baesens over Big Data Analytics

  • Data privacy met Daragh O Brien

  • Mike Ferguson over NoSQL databases en Data Governance

  • Krish Krishnan over Data Lakes, Data Hubs en 'Fail fast'

  • Video Wayne Eckerson: Business Analytics Center of Excellenc

  • Video Barry Devlin: Het Datawarehouse van de toekomst

  • Video Claudia Imhoff: trends in BI

  • Video: BI, Analytics en Big Data Briefing