AI for Customer Engagement 101: Where to Get Started

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Hype in the market is one thing. Acceptance is another. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a lot of buzz, but are customers and businesses really buying in?
Studies show only 36% of customers are comfortable with organisations using AI to engage them. Companies must learn how to use the technology to bring clients onboard instead of scaring them away.

Register for our upcoming webinar where Pega’s Don Schuerman, CTO & VP of Product Marketing, and Dr. Rob Walker, VP of Decision Management & Analytics, will discuss:
• How to identify AI opportunities within your organisation
• What practical ways can AI help win, retain, and grow your customer base
• How to help your customers understand and trust AI technology

Thursday, May 25, 2017
11:00 AM British Summer Time
12:00 PM CEST
Duration: 30 minutes