ELDT - Disrupting the traditional data warehouse approach

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Traditional data warehouse approaches are heavy on the IT dependency and upfront data modelling before any data can flow into the system. As a result, the time to value is long and only materialises once the business can start to use the reposts and insights the warehouse provides. The approach is also rigid, therefore requests for new or refined reports quickly bring on data model changes, which more often than not turn into projects measured in quarters and years.

Enstar Group shows there is another way and one that's not restricted to the insurance industry. Using a modern architecture and data platform powered by a combination of Cloudera, Attunity, Trifacta and Arcadia Data, they implemented a platform that is secure, flexible, cost effective, and delivers early business benefit with reduced IT intervention.

Date: 17 October 2017
Time: 10:00 - 11:00 BST

Join this session, sponsored by Cloudera and Attunity