Webinar: Reliable SQL Access to Cassandra NoSQL Databases

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Having a hard time getting reliable access to Cassandra NoSQL databases? Save your seat in our webinar and we will answer all of your questions. Chances are that if you use NoSQL Databases, you are having a difficult time integrating your core business systems. Organizations of every size are moving toward NoSQL, but NoSQL is incompatible with existing SQL-based infrastructures.
NoSQL databases have query languages and frameworks to better support SQL-like operations, but this does not mean they are compatible with existing infrastructure.

We will show you how to properly integrate your existing SQL-based infrastructure with NoSQL databases. This is possible though a suite of production ready, industry leading JDBC connectors for SQL on NoSQL databases.

Title: SQL Access to Cassandra NoSQL Databases

Date: July 26, 2016
Time: 11:00 am ET

Sumit Sarkar, Progress DataDirect
Suryanarayanan Nagarajan, Software AG
Navdeep Sidhu, Software AG



SQL, NoSQL, Cassandra