Webinar Predictive analytics

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Predictive analytics: How to use today’s insights to create tomorrow’s business

Companies today are focusing on creating a 360-degree customer view. To do so, the first step is to have your data collection up and running, making sure that you can deliver data to a centralized environment, from which it can be used for further processing. If you manage this, where do you start if you want to find patterns and insights to outperform the competition? In other words: how can you discover the predictors in your customer data that lead to churn, sales & up & cross sales?

In this webinar Ronald van Loon, Director at Advertisement, will:
•Discuss several case studies
•Elaborate on the challenges
•Define the impact for organizations and professionals responsible for online sales and customer retention
•Show how a new approach and technology can solve these challenges
•Discuss the result for organisations

Live online Jul 13 4:00 pm Netherlands - Amsterdam
or after on demand 45 mins

Presented by
Ronald van Loon, Director Business Development, Adversitement