Internet of Things Event

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How to connect rapidly to the growing Internet of Things.
On June 7-8, 2016, the 5th edition of the Internet of Things Event will take place at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, in The Netherlands. This 2-day event will give insights in the rapidly developing market, in new technologies and in how other businesses apply the new opportunities that are brought by IoT.
The following topics will be covered during the conference:

Topics on June 7
Big data applications for IoT
Design of IoT (Product/Service/Experience)
IoT security
New players in the IoT field

Topics on June 8
IoT & Machine learning (AI + IoT = ?)
New business models & strategies, a paradigm shift
Legal issues and social aspects
Photonics brings new options for IoT
New players in the IoT field

High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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