Be proactive: Data governance and data management go hand in hand

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To address regulatory compliance, operational improvement, reporting quality, and/or customer experience, data governance has become a priority for many organizations.
However, these same organizations often treat data governance as a standalone documentation-oriented initiative, implementing their own business processes and applying their own tools.

This institutionalized fiefdom behavior results in a siloed data governance program that is challenging to leverage since it is challenging to connect the governance documentation to day- to-day data management operations.
With a standalone implementation as the model for data governance, it’s easy to understand why a business team might perceive data governance as just another set of rules and processes that get in the way. How, then, does an organization establish a data governance program that will meet the enterprise need for control and compliance, while also providing the federation and flexibility required by the individual business teams?

Onderwerp: Data Governance, Data Management
Publicatie datum: 6 februari 2020
Bedrijfsnaam: TIBCO
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Be proactive: Data governance and data management go hand in hand

06-02-2020  |   PDF

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