Data Challenge Eneco: Predictive Maintenance on Public Lighting

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Eneco’s venture Luminext holds information of about 10% of all public streetlights in the Netherlands. Imagine how much useful data this offers: location, burning hours, type of light, service and maintenance information. Currently, maintenance runs based on a schedule. Or worse, by a surveillance car that drives around the city to spot broken lights. This makes the maintenance chain inefficient, leading to more unlighted area’s and higher costs to maintain the streets lit. Would it be possible to prototype a predictive algorithm from this data, being able to make maintenance more efficient?

di 6 juni 2017
09:00 – 17:00 CEST

Eneco HQ
Marten Meesweg 5
3068 AV  Rotterdam

Join Eneco’s case about streetlight-data at the Dutch Data Science Week.