Simplifying Real-Time Architectures for IoT with Apache Kudu

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With 20–30 billion things connected by 2020, IoT has the potential to be one of the most disruptive technological advances in recent ages. However, without the right data management strategy and tools, investments in IoT can yield limited results.

Real-time analytics - the driving force behind IoT use cases for prediction and optimization - had previously been achieved through complex lambda architectures. Today, Apache Kudu and Apache Spark enable organizations to build IoT models that can do the machine learning and complex event processing that are necessary for success.

Join us for an interactive webinar to learn more about:
Building scalable real time architectures for managing data from IoT
Processing data in real time with components such as Kudu & Spark
Customer case studies highlighting real-time IoT use cases
A connected car demo highlighting Kudu, Spark, and Cloudera’s real time capabilities

Date: May 24th, 2017
Time: 10:00 AM PT | 1 PM ET