Data Challenge Gemeente Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is getting more crowded every day. Not only do more visitors come to our city, they also come more often and stay longer. In 2015 138,6 millions of visitor days were counted, compared to 71.4 million in 2011. The popularity of Amsterdam comes with numerous challenges for visitors and residents: traffic jams, a tensed housing market and Amsterdammers feeling their home town changing fast. The city of Amsterdam aims to come to grisps with the crowdedness of the city through the use of data. If we know better who, where and when people are, we can take this into account in our daily operations. For example by nudging tourists to different time slots, or sending janitors to the right places.

Goal of the Challenge
The challenge is to predict crowdedness and do something about the negative effects of it. Therefore it is needed to know who or what is where and when. The challenge is to predict crowdedness as precisely as possible. The main tasks for our data scientists for this challenge is twofold:
- Models: Develop or extend new concepts or models to respond to the crowdedness dynamically
- Data: To find new (open) datasets and find patterns between the data sources

Onderdeel van de Dutch Data Science Week

wo 7 juni 2017
09:00 – 18:00 CEST

DataLab Amsterdam
117 Weesperstraat
1018 VN Amsterdam