Harnessing Data Quality for Better Decisions

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Datum: 23-02-2017 t/m 23-02-2017
Kosten: gratis/free
Organisator: Talend
E-mail: ehaels@talend.com
Website: https://info.talend.com/webinar_harnessing_dataquality_betterdecisions_emea-registration.html
Plaats: Online
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Tired of dealing with the impact of poor data quality in your organization? Frustrated with the cost and effort associated with reworking processes and reports as a result of inaccurate or incomplete data? A good data quality solution empowers you to readily embrace enterprise-class data governance as a core discipline within your data management processes, simply and effectively. Join this webinar to learn how to: • Easily cleanse, match, standardize, enrich and mask data using intuitive, graphical tools • Enable continuous data quality practices through monitoring key quality indicators on your data over time • Readily scale your data quality capabilities regardless of data format or size https://info.talend.com/webinar_harnessing_dataquality_betterdecisions_emea-registration.html