Why Data Wrangling is Essential to Managing Risk and Compliance

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Why Data Wrangling is Essential to Managing Risk and Compliance in the Age of Complex Financial Services Data

With regulators requiring sophisticated risk-based analysis and investment managers seeking improved performance, financial services firms are looking to data wrangling tools to utilize diverse, complex data sources more effectively.  

When you combine the multitude of diverse datasets—both structured and unstructured—and the accelerated pace of business, the efficient preparation of data for risk analysis and compliance reporting becomes a critical component for how financial services firms manage information. Leading firms know the most effective and efficient process for managing risk and compliance is by placing the power of data prep in the hands of business stakeholders with the most context for the data.

On Tuesday, February 14, guest speaker, Forrester VP and Research Director Gene Leganza and Trifacta’s Director of Product Marketing, Will Davis, will discuss how self-service data preparation improves compliance and risk analysis for financial services firms. Join us and discover:

- The role of data preparation solutions in the modern data management ecosystem
- Why the limitations of traditional financial reporting tools led to the growth of data preparation technologies
- How data prep tools accelerate and democratize data exploration and preparation for managing compliance and risk

Tuesday February 14, 2017
10am PST/1pm EST