Machine learning hackathon

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Big Data is everywhere. Our goal is to turn that data into usable, actionable knowledge, hence into value to the customer.

That is why we regularly organize meetups. During these meetups we’ll have data scientists talk about topics like machine learning, predictive analytics, visualization techniques. But more important: not just words, but real acts. We will use machine learning as a playground for these topics and create something really tangible during the meetup in a joint team effort.

A training-dataset and test dataset will be available. The group is divided in teams of 2, each team challenged to create the most accurate prediction based on machine learning algorithms. Examples of previous topics are a 6-week sales forecast for individual stores of a German retail chain; or forecasting error logs of luggage systems. Each team uses a different tool set: Azure machine learning, KNIME, Python, SAS, Splunk and R.

Participants are diverse, anyone interested in Data Science who likes to work on practical “Splunkalictics” usecases with fellow data scientists can join.

25 januari 2017
18:00 - 21:30

Flight Forum 3790
5657 DX  Eindhoven