Webinar: Is Your Business Driving Data Blind?

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Are your employees spending weeks to create a simple, monthly KPI report? Are your business users tired of arguing with the IT department and vice versa? Are you looking for the best self-service analytics platform on the market?

You’ve come to the right place. In 20 minutes we’ll show how Pyramid Analytics helped Volkswagen, Siemens and other major players become completely data-driven and steer their business in the right direction.

“Pyramid Analytics has turned on the light.” Why over 100 enterprises love working with BI Office:
- Unified, not siloed: all users and data in one platform.
- Business led, not IT dependent: self-service analytics at scale.
- Analytics for everyone: no code, no special skills.
- Deployment in days, not weeks: first dashboard done in hours.

Not convinced? Learn how Volkswagen was able to transform the way they access and use their data to steer the business strategically rather than reactively with the help of BI Office.

Thursday, December 15 at 4:00PM CET