Webinar Digital transformation: Using big data to improve customer experience

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Data and data science have a massive influence on everything we do. Anything can generate data; from any devices to any online touch points. The impact that data has and will have on customer experience, business models and industries is tremendous and continues to grow every day. As a result, many companies are searching for the best way to create sustainable success from data. This all starts with customer-centricity and relevance. Companies want get to grips with customer journeys and know their customers on an individual level to establish a long-term relationship. But to do so, you need to create a fundament of structured and unstructured data from all relevant touchpoints through excellent data process management. With that in place, the right balance of data science and customer experience expertise can prescribe relevant actions and optimize users’ experiences, increasing their loyalty towards the brand.

In this Digital Transformation webinar, Ronald van Loon will:
• Discuss several case studies
• Elaborate on the challenges
• Define the impact for organizations and professionals

9 March
16.00 - 16.30 pm

Register: http://www.adversitement.com/how-digital-transformation-can-improve-customer-experience-with-big-data/