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“DW2.0 – Architecture for the next generation data warehouse” en “Tapping into unstructured data”.

Onlangs verschenen twee nieuwe boeken van Bill Inmon: een editie van zijn concept DW2.0. en een boek over zijn manier van gebruiken van ongestructureerde data in het datawarehouse.DW2.0 - ARCHITECTURE FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF DATA WAREHOUSINGData warehousing has been around for two decades or so. First generation data warehouses were good to prove to the corporation the value of business intelligence. But in today's world, it is not enough to collect and integrate some data onto disk and call it a data warehouse. There are a whole host of other challenges and opportunities for data warehouses in today's world. Some of the features of DW2.0 include: the recognition of the life cycle of data within the data warehouse, the need to include unstructured data along with structured data in the data warehouse and the need to include metadata as an integral component of the DW2.0 environment. This visionary book describes architecture for information systems for the next decade.TAPPING INTO UNSTRUCTURED DATAFor years, organizations have stored huge amounts of data in text. But text does not fit well with standard database management systems. This book describes how organizations can now access text, integrate the text and store the text in a standard relational environment, where standard analytical tools can be used for sophisticated analysis of text. In order to be placed in a standard database, text must pass through an integration process. Textual ETL is used for this purpose. Once raw text is integrated, the stage is set for textual analytics. This book describes the many aspects of taking text out of its raw state and placing the text into a usable, meaningful database where it can then be analyzed in conjunction with other structured data.Boeken kunnen worden besteld via de bekende (online) boekhandels.Bron: B Eye Network