Sybase en MicroStrategy sluiten overeenkomst

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Integratie BI-software in Sybase IQ analytics server.

Sybase recently announced that it has entered into a new agreement with MicroStrategy. Sybase will offer integrated packaging and pricing in an exclusive promotion on MicroStrategy products when sold with its Sybase IQ analytics server. Through the agreement, customers benefit from integrated packaging, joint product certification, and vendor–to–vendor technical support. In addition, Sybase can now offer MicroStrategy consulting services and education, thereby providing streamlined access to a broad range of combined business intelligence–related services. The two companies have committed to building demonstration solutions showcasing the capabilities of the combined technologies. "Business intelligence and data warehousing solutions are expected to take on an increasing value in the present economic environment," said Dan Vesset, IDC Program Vice President of Business Analytics. "IDC believes the extension of the alliance between Sybase and MicroStrategy will simplify the acquisition, deployment, and use of the combined solution thus helping customers maximize the value of their BI investments." Bron: B Eye Network .


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