Pentaho ondersteunt Apache Hadoop

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Open source BI-platform zet Apache Hadoop in voor analyse van zeer grote datavolumes.

Het open source BI-platform Pentaho wil als eerste een compleet end-to-end data-integratie- en BI-platform leveren dat Apache Hadoop ondersteunt. De Pentaho BI Suite biedt één visuele ontwikkelomgeving waardoor de bouw van applicaties voor de analyse van zeer grote datavolumes sterk wordt vereenvoudigd. Dat maakt Apache Hadoop voor ontwikkelaars en business analisten extra aantrekkelijk, omdat ze sneller en eenvoudiger data kunnen analyseren. Hadoop is rapidly becoming a technology of choice for enterprises that need to effectively collect, store and process large amounts of structured and complex data, including many of the world's leading consumer websites and financial services organizations. Hadoop, in its raw form, lacks easy-to-use interfaces for timely and cost-effective analysis. The Pentaho Enterprise BI Suite delivers a unified visual design environment for ETL, report design, analytics and dashboards, providing an enterprise friendly environment for using Apache Hadoop. Pentaho is enabling more organizations to reap the benefits of Hadoop by making it easier and faster to create BI applications. The first deliverable in this initiative is the enhancement of Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) to be the visual design environment for ETL processes that include the manipulation of Apache Hadoop files and the execution of Hadoop tasks. This enables the design and execution of ETL processes that involve both Hadoop and non-Hadoop tasks. This deliverable also includes an embedded ETL engine for Hadoop. Soon, Hadoop users will be able to transform, manipulate, and aggregate files and data using the full functionality of a robust graphical designer and powerful ETL engine. The next set of deliverables, to follow soon after, will enable reporting, dashboards and analysis directly against data stored in Hadoop. Bron: Pentaho.