Oracle Exadata en Netezza TwinFin vergeleken

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Whitepaper: ‘Larry Ellison erkent dat Netezza een inspiratiebron was voor Exadata.’

Netezza focuses on technology designed to query and analyze big data. The company’s innovative datawarehouse appliances are disrupting the market. Wishing to exploit data at lower costs of operation and ownership, many of our customers have moved their data warehouses from Oracle. Oracle has now brought Exadata to market; a machine which apparently does everything TwinFin does, and also processes online transactions. This examination of Exadata and TwinFin as data warehouse platforms is written from an unashamedly Netezza viewpoint, however to ensure credibility we have taken advice from Philip Howard, Research Director of Bloor Research and Curt Monash, President, Monash Research.“Netezza was part of the inspiration for Exadata. Teradata was part of the inspiration for Exadata,” acknowledged Larry Ellison on January 27, 2010. “We’d like to thank them for forcing our hand and forcing us to go into the hardware business.”1 While delivered with Larry Ellison’s customary pizzazz, there is a serious point to his comment: only the best catch Oracle’s attention. Exadata represents a strategic direction for Oracle; adapting their OLTP database management system, partnering it with a massively parallel storage system from Sun. Oracle launched Exadata V2 with the promise of extreme performance for processing both online transactions and analytic queries. That Oracle excels at OLTP is a given. But data warehousing and analytics make very different demands of their software and hardware than OLTP. Exadata’s data warehousing credentials demand scrutiny, particularly with respect to simplicity and value.This white paper opens by reviewing differences between processing online transactions and processing queries and analyses in a data warehouse. It then discusses Exadata and TwinFin from perspectives of their query performance, simplicity of operation and value.All we ask of readers is that they do as our customers and partners have done: put aside notions of how a database management system should work, be open to new ways of thinking and be prepared to do less, not more, to achieve a better result.Klik hier voor de gehele whitepaper.1 See Oracle Bron: Netezza.


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