ModelOps: Why Data Matters – Building Efficient Foundations

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What's our focus? AI's potential is vast, but connecting it to your goals and tasks can be challenging.
Do data scientists and business analysts have the necessary data to drive ROI effectively?

Explore how data integration affects ModelOps daily.
In the digital battleground, companies are capitalizing on their primary resources – people and data – to stay ahead.

These elements are crucial for sustaining value in the competitive market of today.
Discover how to elevate your ModelOps strategy by integrating data more agilely and effectively.
This approach allows for a dynamic combination of analytics and machine learning, expanding your capabilities.

You will:
Learn how to accelerate ModelOps strategies using data.
Understand the influence of new data trends and methodologies on scalable ModelOps.
Explore how adopting innovative data strategies can transform your organization, leading to improved ModelOps through better data quality, reliability and accessibility, ultimately driving significant outcomes.

June 18
10 a.m. ET