The Role of Taxonomy and Ontology in Semantic Layers

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Datum: 16-04-2024 t/m 26-04-2024
Organisator: Progress Semaphore
Plaats: Webinar
Locatie: Online

Learn the power of integrating taxonomies into semantic layers for enhanced data management and actionable insights. Join us!

Discover how integrating taxonomies into a semantic layer in your data architecture can revolutionize your information management. Join us for an enlightening event featuring Heather Hedden, Enterprise Knowledge’s Taxonomy Consultant, and Jim Morris, Progress Semaphore Senior Sales Engineer.

In this session, you'll delve into:

  1. Understanding the role and significance of taxonomies in effective data management.
  2. Exploring the benefits of employing semantic layers to harness organizational taxonomies.
  3. Discovering various strategies for constructing a semantic layer.
  4. Witnessing firsthand how Progress Semaphore facilitates the transition from taxonomies to semantic layers.