Tableau Now Available Through AWS Marketplace

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Announced at AWS re:Invent 2023, it's now easier for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to seamlessly and securely manage Salesforce offerings through AWS Marketplace - including advanced data analytics with Tableau.

As part of the expanded partnership, Salesforce and AWS now offer Tableau Cloud through AWS Marketplace Private Offers. AWS Marketplace offers a seamless way to leverage pre-approved budgets and increase business performance through a single view across your IT spend, simplifying procurement processes with flexible options like private pricing and consolidated billing through AWS.

Streamlined experience for AWS and Tableau customers
AWS Marketplace is a comprehensive digital catalog that offers a vast array of third-party software, data, and services across industries. AWS customers can easily procure, deploy, and manage solutions to enhance their business operations.

Designed to fit your enterprise architecture, Tableau Cloud is a fully-hosted, cloud-based analytics platform that runs on AWS and delivers insights where people already work—helping organizations make fast, confident, data-driven decisions. Providing Tableau Cloud through AWS Marketplace Private Offers streamlines your path to the power of advanced data analytics. Let’s look at the benefits.

Financial incentives, simplified procurement, and unified billing
Tableau Cloud on AWS Marketplace provides a single view across your IT spend, providing a seamless way to leverage pre-approved budgets and increase business performance. Your Tableau Cloud spend now counts toward an AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP)—a savings program designed for enterprise cloud customers.
Tableau Cloud's presence on AWS Marketplace streamlines your procurement process, providing a one-stop shop for procurement and billing. This means a smoother, more unified approach to managing your subscriptions.

Through Private Offers, you can receive custom pricing and terms in AWS Marketplace:
Flexible pricing, terms, and payment options
• Negotiate custom terms like Standard Contracts and create unique agreements
• Use flexible options like multi-year contracts and customer payment scheduler
Speed and governance while procuring software
• Balance speed and agility using a streamlined purchasing process
Simplified AWS billing
• Leverage consolidated AWS billing, cost analysis using Cost Explorer, and subscription management
• Purchases in AWS Marketplace qualify towards your EDP commitment. For details on applicable EDP drawdown, connect with your AWS representative.

Maximize your data and analytics investments
Tableau on AWS brings you an enhanced experience, especially in data handling and AI-driven analytics. The Modern Cloud Analytics initiative, combines the resources, technical expertise, and data knowledge of Tableau, AWS, and our respective partner networks. From data strategy and migration to optimizing operations, this collaboration helps organizations—at any stage of their digital transformation journey—securely deploy and scale cloud analytics. You see faster time to value and reduced costs, all with validated migration processes that mitigate risk. With market leading integrations, Tableau is a natural choice for analyzing the data stored in Amazon’s data sources.

Bottom line: Your data analytics experience is smoother and more powerful, allowing you to unlock new insights quickly. Our constellation of first-party connectors for the most common AWS data services, such as S3, Redshift, Aurora, and more, ensures that this integration empowers you and your team. Learn more about how Tableau Cloud with AWS works.

Put Tableau Pulse, powered by Tableau AI, to work
In addition to Tableau Cloud, AWS customers can leverage the advantages of AI-powered analytics. Now available to Tableau Cloud users, Tableau Pulse reimagines the data experience by making the power of data more accessible to everyone in your organization—regardless of their experience with data visualization tools.

Tableau Pulse delivers natural language insights that help you understand where, when, and why to pay attention to your business operations—without leaving your normal flow of work. Tableau Pulse features a flexible Metrics layer that lets you define metrics and KPIs to be used across the organization, saving your analysts time and providing a single source of truth that ensures teams are aligned to the same trusted numbers.

Generative AI enhances each layer of Tableau Pulse, making it easier for all users to discover relevant metrics, create metrics from existing content, understand insights, ask questions, conduct root cause analysis, and tie your data to a real-world context.
With the power of Tableau Pulse, your data works harder for you and delivers more business value than ever before. To get started, request to activate Tableau Pulse Beta on your Tableau Cloud site.

Get your analytics in gear
Tableau Cloud via AWS Marketplace means quicker, more informed decision-making powered by state-of-the-art data analytics tools. If you're wondering how to make the most of this winning combination, Tableau experts are just a conversation away. They're ready to guide you through implementing Tableau Cloud into your AWS environment, ensuring you maximize the benefits of this partnership.

Tableau Cloud is currently available to U.S. customers through AWS Marketplace Private Offers. Salesforce is planning to expand product and regional support in 2024. To learn more about Tableau on AWS, check out Tableau’s AWS solutions page.

Jennifer Lagaly is EVP and Chief Revenue Officer at Tableau.