Kristof Neys (Neo4j) about Graph Databases and Data Science

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On September 12th en 13th the Big Data Expo took place in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands. BI-Platform made a series of interviews at the Expo with various Data Professionals. Kristof Neys, Director Graph Data Science Technology at Neo4j, explains to BI-Platfrom what a Knowledge Graph is and the advantage it offers for Data Science. Using Large Language Models to augment a Knowledge Graph allows for vector search in a Graph Database like Neo4j.

0:00 Introduction
0:18 Graph Data Science Technology is a new combination?
2:16 What does it take to construct a Knowledge Graph?
3:37 What are the advantages of combining a LLM and a Knowledge Graph?
5:10 How can you augment a Knowledge Graph by using a LLM?
6:25 How will this develop?

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