Concept Modelling for Business Analysts door Alec Sharp [halve dag]

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5 april 2023 (halve dag)

Praktische workshop met Alec Sharp

This workshop introduces concept modelling from a non-technical perspective, provides tips and guidelines for the analyst, and explores entity-relationship modelling at conceptual and logical levels using techniques that maximise client engagement and understanding. We’ll also look at techniques for facilitating concept modelling sessions (virtually and in-person), applying concept modelling within other disciplines (e.g., process change or business analysis,) and moving into more complex modelling situations.

Workshop: Concept Modelling for Business Analysts

Spreker: Alec Sharp
Locatie: Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht
Organisator: Adept Events
Contact naam: Werner Schoots
Contact telefoon: +31 (0)172 742680
Contact e-mail:

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