The accidental data architect

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Join Corné Potgieter, a self-proclaimed data enthusiast and somewhat of a purist who appreciates that practicality remains king. For many years Corné's career has spanned an array of areas across data analytics, data modeling, and BI engineering, including designing solutions using different patterns of data modeling, including Kimball and Data Vault style modeling.

"How well you define a problem determines how well you solve it. When you use a template-driven approach to data modeling, you are forced to solve the problem conceptually first rather than programmatically. That is definitely one of the reasons why the automation bug bit me. The temptation is always there to quickly go and fix something directly in the code. You can solve almost any problem by coding your way out of it, but it is not sustainable to have 100s of bespoke coding patterns."

October 13, 2022
16:00 GMT / 10:00 Central Time – duration 30 mins