Fueling Enterprise Growth Through Data Literacy

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As the role of data in the enterprise continues to evolve at speed, data literacy is more critical than ever. Data leaders are moving away from the passive BI model toward Active Intelligence, to gain access to real-time insights that help people make immediate decisions and take informed action real time.

But not everyone is equipped to make those decisions. Today, one of the largest barriers remains a lack of data literacy—the ability to read, work with, analyze and communicate data. With the opportunity from data now greater than ever, there is an immediate need to consider what upskilling and cultural changes need to be made to take informed action in the enterprise.

This webinar will explore findings of a new report, Data Literacy: The Upskilling Evolution, and provide advice on how organizations can move from passive to active analytics, fueling organizational growth and data literacy.

April 12
10:00 AM BST / 11:00 AM CEST