Build your CI/CD pipeline on Snowflake with Datavault Builder

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Datum: 03-03-2022 t/m 03-03-2022
Kosten: Free of charge
Organisator: 2150 Datavault Builder AG
Telefoon: +41 32 511 27 89

Leverage Snowflake's Zero Copy Cloning feature for full CI/CD with Datavault Builder by enabling developers to start new sandboxes in instances and deploy the changes back into the model using GIT and APIs. Your GIT flow-based CI/CD enables you and your team to work on different development branches simultaneously and create a strong development pipeline. The combination of Datavault Builder and the Snowflake makes DataOps a reality.

In this webinar, you will learn, how the combination of Snowflake and Datavault Builder helps you to develop agile, minimize time to market and how it enables other organizations to deliver business value from day one.

Datavault Builder is a Snowflake Technology Partner and has recently achieved Select tier status.

About Datavault Builder: Datavault Builder is a model-driven, cloud-native DWH automation tool adding a visual layer on top of Snowflake's Cloud Data Platform:
• Help you to develop your business data model
• Bring Business Users and IT together
• Reduces your time to market