Model driven data warehousing with CaseTalk and Datavault Builder

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Datum: 27-01-2022 t/m 27-01-2022
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Organisator: 2150 Datavault Builder AG
Telefoon: +41325112789
Locatie: Online
Implement your data warehouse solution driven by natural language, business facts and aligned information models into a generated and operational Data Vault. CaseTalk has an intelligent way of converting natural language into information models all the way to a Data Vault design. CaseTalk connects and synchronizes with Datavault Builder and your Data Vault will be generated. From that point on Datavault Builder totally organizes your development lifecycle from implementation to operation.

In this webinar we will give you an insight on how to implement your Data Vault successfully by explaining the fully aligned modeling approach and implementation, supported by these two brilliant tools.

CaseTalk supports you in gathering and building accurate information models. Once your domain expert's natural language with concrete examples is captured, CaseTalk generates a wide range of IT artifacts (including Data Vault) with a single click of a button. By preserving all communication (semantics, rules, examples and metadata), stakeholders can easily validate all models and artifacts for correctness. CaseTalk comes with a wide range of model well-formedness rules, easily customized metadata for extended governance support, import and export capabilities, and model version management and lineage support.
The Datavault Builder is a 4th generation model-driven end-to-end Data Warehouse automation tool covering all aspects and phases of a Data Warehouse including Design & Development, Lifecycle Management & Operations.

This webinar is hosted by Datavault Builder