Embedded Analytics - a Necessity

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Toggling between multiple applications to find information can take up to 2 hours out of an employee's workweek. This is one reason enterprises are adopting Embedded Analytics tools designed to make information accessible in the applications employees use most. Insurance companies can embed driving behavior data into the applications used to calculate premiums. Airlines assess frequent flyer mileage to assign loyalty levels. Banks break down consumer spending into patterns to find potential fraud. For organizations of all types looking to compete in the data-driven economy, embedded analytics creates a necessary edge.

But not all Embedded Analytics strategies are equal. According to Doug Henschen of Constellation Research, in his article Why Data-Driven Innovators Choose Embedded Analytics, application developers who seek to incorporate enterprise data into their products with the help of dedicated business intelligence tools need to assess four major questions when choosing a partner: 1) the role of cloud-based architecture, 2) development and operations flexibility, 3) performance, and 4) the availability of targeted, accessible insights.

MicroStrategy’s modern, open, enterprise platform for Embedded Analytics offers developers and product owners all the tools they need to incorporate context-rich insights into all their applications. Its cloud-native microservices architecture delivers high performance and maximum security at scale. Its full suite of REST APIs and Python workflows, along with a host of no-code / low-code toolsets for non-developers, create maximum flexibility to incorporate everything from data visualization to DevOps. And its unique HyperIntelligence capabilities offer predictive, decision-oriented intelligence to 100% of the organization, at sub-second speed on any device.

Adopting embedded analytics will save an organization valuable time by enhancing the applications employees use most, serving up powerful analytics that offer a competitive advantage in any industry. MicroStrategy continues to invest in enterprise-grade solutions that save time and resources. Experience how embedded analytics can fit your business.

John McGregor is Management Associate in Marketing at MicroStrategy.