Moving Data to the Cloud – Fast

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Is it possible to move enterprise-wide data to the cloud and increase time to value? Yes – by automating data integration.

Save the date for this webinar, Real-Time Data to Google Cloud: Top 3 Best Practices, where you’ll hear how Gordon Food Service, Breuninger and other customers used Qlik’s data integration platform to enable real-time data analytics pipelines to Google Cloud. They not only unlocked massive amounts of fresh data, but also ensured its continuous availability enterprise-wide.

Register today to learn these customers’ best practices on how to:
• Modernize the ETL process to one that’s fast, flexible and scalable
• Supply users with up-to-date, accurate, trusted data
• Lower the cost of data ingestion from raw to analytics ready
• Increase your time to value with data in the cloud
• Use best practices to minimize resource overhead

Staying ahead of changing demands – while lowering overreliance on resources, production time and costs – is possible when you successfully move data to the cloud.

June 9, 2021
11.00 CET

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