Modern Data Analytics: 7 Ways to Accelerate Business Insights

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The secret to competitive edge: your people and your data.
If there’s anything current events prove, it’s that BI tools that can deliver up-to-date, trustworthy data are critical. In order to stay ahead of the curve – and respond quickly to changes – organizations must modernize their data analytics capabilities and empower people to uncover better insights.

Join speakers from IDC and Qlik for the 7 Ways to Accelerate Business Insights webinar – geared for BI leaders, business analysts or anyone who makes critical business decisions. You’ll learn:
• How data and analytics is accelerating the decision-making process
• Tips for serving up the right data and insights at the right times
• How to empower all types of decision makers to use BI to make sense of their data
• Why establishing a data-driven culture is crucial for success

Wednesday March 10
11:00 CET