Business Agility from Modern Architectures

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Business Agility from Modern Architectures
10 Reasons Why TIBCO Is the Leader for Connecting Modern Application Architectures and Why that Matters to You

Agility is a business imperative. Today, it requires an application architecture built with modern, highly responsive, cloud-native technologies that operate, adapt, and scale to support fast changes. A responsive architecture increases agility and creates a foundation for rapid innovation far into the future.
In a down economic cycle, your business focuses on resiliency and protecting itself. When markets rebound, it needs to quickly refocus on innovation and growth. Both scenarios require agility and fast change.

Onderwerp: Business Agility, cloud-native
Publicatie datum: 1 juli 2020
Bedrijfsnaam: TIBCO
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01-07-2020  |   PDF

Business Agility from Modern Architectures

01-07-2020  |   PDF

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