The Better Way: A Hyperconverged Analytics Platform

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If your organization relies on business intelligence (BI) applications to provide the insights needed to meet goals and manage risks, you need to be sure that these insights are:
• Deep and multidimensional, leading to novel learnings and aha! moments
• Easy to consume, share, and act upon by the business users needing those insights
• Not simply descriptive or diagnostic, but predictive and prescriptive, incorporating AI-based recommendations and machine learning that support automation
• As dynamic as the world we live in, reflecting not just historic data, but also real-time dataPlatform

Without these qualities, the insights gained can steer you in the wrong direction - or worse. Shallow analytics are, in effect, “zombie analytics,” dashboards that can’t provide rich, immersive insights and so will metaphorically consume your organization’s brain, compromising your ability to meet goals and manage risks.

Onderwerp: Data, Spotfire, Business Intelligence
Publicatie datum: 16 september 2020
Bedrijfsnaam: TIBCO
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16-09-2020  |   PDF

The Better Way: A Hyperconverged Analytics Platform

16-09-2020  |   PDF

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