Customer Support: Help Customers 100x Faster with HyperIntelligence

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Customer support centers face a significant challenge in the number of applications a representative must access to get a 360 degree view of a customer in difficulty.  Since call centers need to serve customers quickly, this often reduces the quality of data a representative has when he or she serves a customer.  Through HyperIntelligence, customer support representatives can have full access to every relevant piece of data about a customer, the products they own, their account relationship, and support case history all from within any CRM or productivity application.  This means time to case closure is reduced, and customer satisfaction increases.  

Join Matias Ravizzoli, Vice President of Technical Support at Microstrategy, as he describes how HyperIntelligence has allowed his staff to get relevant contextual data regarding support clients in real time and in context within the applications they use every day.  Matias will talk about the quantitative gains this friction free access to data has given his organization, as well as how support actions have become more accurate using HyperIntelligence.

Thursday November 12
11:00 AM EDT