MongoDB + Diamanti: A Hyper-Accelerated Story

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Organizations today are embracing containers and Kubernetes for rapid development and portability of stateful applications. While containers and Kubernetes can abstract away much of the infrastructure, it is still an important consideration when containerizing high-performance databases such as MongoDB. Enterprises need to ensure that the infrastructure can support multiple service level offerings (performance levels) and is self-managed across on-premises and cloud environments.

In addition to this, these stateful applications contain business-critical information and demand advanced data services like data protection, monitoring, and fine-grained RBAC over a transactional data store with encryption at rest and in transit.

Onderwerp: Cloud, Containers, Kubernetes, Database
Publicatie datum: 1 augustus 2020
Bedrijfsnaam: Diamanti
Auteur: Boris Kurktchiev, Diamanti & Jason Mimick, MongoDB
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01-08-2020  |   PDF

MongoDB + Diamanti: A Hyper-Accelerated Story

01-08-2020  |   PDF

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