Integrated Cloud Architectures for Modern Data and Analytics

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The way you manage your data has a direct impact on the value you get from it. Too loose and you waste time. Too narrow and you miss the whole picture. The secret is in building a tightly integrated data-to-analytics pipeline that gets the right data to the right people, faster.

In the webinar Integrated Cloud Architectures for Modern Data and Analytics, speakers from TDWI, Qlik and Snowflake will explain how to combine an automated data integration solution, a powerful cloud data platform and an intelligent analytics offering in an efficient, interoperable data pipeline. Topics include:
• Why cloud is the preferred platform for modern analytics and data management
• The requirements of a comprehensive, unified cloud architecture for data and analytics
• Reference architecture for modern cloud-based data management and analytics
• Key use cases in cloud data and analytics

Find out how to create an end-to-end user experience that leads from raw data sources to valuable business insights – with broad collaboration along the way.

September 10, 2020
11.00 CET