Your human resources data to help you prepare for the business rebound

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What proportion of employees are working from home? How many employees are on short-time working? How can we ensure that the culture and commitment of employees is maintained in and after a crisis situation?

A lot of questions that you, as human resources professionals, are facing in these hectic times. The answer can be found in your social data.
Previously considered as cold, they have become a key issue and it has become essential to ensure precise and ultra regular monitoring.

In this webinar for human resources managers and directors, Toucan Toco's data experts, will give you some keys to :
- Convince you how important it is to be an organization where decisions are made on intuition complemented by concrete data.
- Offer you food for thought on how this really applies to your HR universe
- Ilustrate with concrete cases and expected benefits. Through the example of indicators that are used by our clients in the human resources sector

May 27th 2020
11:00 AM (CEST)