Yann Toutant about Data Storytelling with Toucan Toco

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BI-Platform had a conversation with Yann Toutant, Country Manager Benelux at Toucan Toco. Toucan Toco delivers a data visualisation solution for decision makers, that aggregates multi-source data by using a library of connectors and presents the data on easy-to-use dashboards made of homemade interactive graphics. With this Data Storytelling solution business users can understand their data throughout the company and discover their business's story.

Yann Toutant tells us about the background of Toucan Toco and their Data Storytelling solution, with some business cases as examples. Also he elaborates about the connectors to various CRM-tools, the Toucan Toco license model and Toucan Toco’s growth plans for the Dutch market.

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