Introducing MicroStrategy 2020

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Introducing MicroStrategy 2020: The World’s First Platform Built for HyperIntelligence
97% of enterprise users are data-deprived and cannot make informed, real-time decisions. Conventional analytics tools fall short—as it can take several minutes and dozens of clicks to answer a simple business question. MicroStrategy reimagined the delivery of information by inventing HyperIntelligence, a revolutionary technology that makes everyone 100x smarter and faster, by delivering instant insights and allowing users take immediate action.

Watch this webcast to learn how:
• HyperIntelligence delivers insights and triggers one-click actions directly within your favorite applications including emails, websites, Salesforce, Workday and others
• You can accelerate the flow of information and decision-making 100X across the enterprise
• HyperMobile makes true enterprise search a reality for the first time ever
• You can leverage HyperIntelligence cards across key business functions and popular applications to empower every user and boost the impact of every app

February 26
2:00 p.m. EST