Dataiku Partners with CapitalG and Becomes a Unicorn

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The year 2019 has been an inspiring one at Dataiku, from releasing our very own data science documentary to discussing human-centered AI with more than 3,000 attendees at six EGG conferences around the world, being named to the 2019 Forbes Cloud 100 list to opening new offices around the world. On top of all that, I’m excited to cap off the year with the news that CapitalG has joined Dataiku as an investor.

CapitalG, formerly Google Capital, is the late-stage growth venture capital fund financed by Alphabet Inc., and based in San Francisco, CA. Founded in 2013, it focuses on growth stage technology companies, helping them scale with support from Google's vast expertise and resources.

CapitalG will be acquiring Dataiku shares directly from Serena Capital, with Dawn, a returning backer, also participating in this transaction. CapitalG has a sterling reputation as an organization that makes returns-driven investments in leading companies around the world, helping entrepreneurs rapidly grow their businesses. We’re thrilled to join their impressive portfolio, which includes dynamic organizations such as Lyft, Airbnb, Crowdstrike, UiPath, Collibra, Stripe, Credit Karma and others.

Dataiku, Enterprise AI Unicorn
Today, Dataiku is valued at an excess of $1 billion. Crossing the $1 billion valuation number is not a significant milestone for us, but it's a recognition for the hard - and smart - work from our passionate team members across the globe.
Dataiku has embarked for six years on a mission to democratize access to AI for the enterprise. In the last year, we have helped dozens of large organizations transform the way they work on data . But we don’t rest on our past success - Dataiku stays on the bleeding edge of the Enterprise AI space with constant improvements to the platform (including this week’s launch of Dataiku 6).

True AI democratization means giving organizations - down to individual people, no matter what their role - the capabilities to apply AI technologies to transform the business. We believe that this will be better achieved by using and leveraging our platform. The number of Dataiku users more than doubles every year, and with CapitalG on board, we’re looking forward to continuing the upward trajectory, helping companies on their paths to Enterprise AI for years to come.

Many Thanks
We would like to use this occasion to thank all of those that helped us get this far, including but not limited to:
• Our more than 300 customers.
• Our partners (both technology and service) around the globe.
• Our investors, including Alven, FirstMark, Serena, Battery Ventures, Dawn and ICONIQ.
• Our 400 employees.

Florian Douetteau is CEO of Dataiku.