InterSystems Benelux Symposium 2020

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Interoperability- how to work it?
"The future lies in the hands of those who use data the best", said InterSystems CEO & Founder Terry Ragon at the InterSystems Global Summit. "However, this data is spread across an enormous set of databases and hardware devices, meaning we need to find ways to connect these systems together." Of course, he talked about interoperability, the very concept that's revolutionising the way we do business.

But how do you work interoperability? What needs to happen before you can embrace innovative technologies such as IoT and Machine Learning? And most important of all: how can you use interoperability to create better applications and be a better partner to your customers?

Come and find out at the InterSystems Benelux Symposium on February 11 and 12!

Radisson Blu Astrid Antwerp
February 11 & 12