How to deliver Data & Insights to Non-technical Decision-makers?

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For data and business leaders who want to build a data-driven culture in their organization, Toucan Toco complements BI solutions which all excel in data exploration and are dedicated to analysts and data experts. Our solution focuses solely on the communication of insights for Business Users with no or low data literacy levels, and it requires no training.

Toucan allows companies to build and deploy guided interactive dashboards in as little as 2 hours, and without any specialists skills thanks to its embedded narrative environment experience, user experience and dynamic charts, its instant pixel-perfect adaptability on all mobile devices and its embedded collaboration features. It allows an unbeatable time-to-market.

This 45 minutes webinar is for you if you:
Have a low adoption on BI tools, reports and dashboards
Invested a lot of money in data stack but it’s hard to measure a concrete ROI
Need a solution to create a work environment that will be suitable for all the collaborators - young or seniors
Find a solution to leverage production time in business strategy and analysis
Need to go from a culture of observation to a culture of actions

October 30th
4:00 PM (CET)