Three Critical Components for Effective APT Hunting Success

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Some of the most notorious and damaging security breaches happen in minutes. Did you know that they actually began months - if not years - in advance by the perpetrators? Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are considered to be the most dangerous and challenging to detect and defend because of the volume, variety, and velocity of data required to find them - as well as the amount of time and special attention required to catch them. Your adversaries know this, and they take advantage of time and patience on their side to lay the groundwork and wait to attack.

Additionally, government agencies increasingly are leveraging advanced IT infrastructure for greater operational efficiency, but as a result, rely on a more complex and evolving network of heterogeneous devices, systems, and applications. This decreases visibility and historical context which can lead to blind spots and the inability to troubleshoot issues, let alone predict them. Agencies become more vulnerable to APTs, increasing the risks of both service disruptions and adverse reputation impacts.

Thursday, October 17
2:00pm ET; 11:00am PT



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