2020 Vision: The Next Decade for Enterprise Mobility

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According to the GSMA's Mobility Economy Report, the number of unique mobile subscribers will reach 5.9 billion by 2025, while the number of IoT connected devices will grow to a staggering 25 billion - with the number business-related connected devices overtaking the number of consumer-related devices in 2023.

When it comes to business and specifically enterprise mobility, Ventana Research asserts that by 2022, half of organizations will re-examine the use of mobile devices and conclude the technology being used does not adequately address the needs of their workers, leading them to examine a new generation of mobile applications.

In the on-demand webcast, 2020 Vision: The Next Decade for Enterprise Analytics and Mobility, Ventana Research CEO and Chief Research Officer Mark Smith notes that in addition to 5G, enterprise organizations’ mobility strategies for 2020 and beyond must address accelerating technologies and capabilities such as:
• Device proximity features that can provide environmental context and suggest where to take action based on location
• Gestures and camera-based input that make it even easier and faster to engage with business applications
• Biometrics, from facial recognition to fingerprints, that enable significantly better device, data, and enterprise security
• High-quality device cameras that make it easy to capture, share, and use photos and videos and their data within business processes
• Speech recognition and voice assistants on mobile devices that make it simpler for users to access information and act quickly
• Augmented reality (AR) that enables the use of a mobile device’s camera to digitally interpose virtual objects to enhance work experiences

Smith asserts that by 2022, one-third of organizations will embrace the use of augmented and virtual reality for business and consumer experiences. “In the past, we’d have to buy expensive gear, goggles, or glasses, but now we can use the power of our devices to get visual or contextual information about anything that we point our mobile device at,” notes Smith.

However, the Ventana Research CEO says that the immediate focus for enterprise organizations should be voice and text.

New interface
Ventana Research asserts that by 2021, a third of organizations will require that their applications be accessible for use through voice and chat. “We need to be smarter about how we use text and voice, because this is now the standard for consumers. It also has to be the standard for business, and it’s one of the revolutionary changes that enterprise organizations will have to go through over the next decade - because our natural language, and how we type and how we talk - is the new interface for how we get information and how we take action.”

By 2022, Ventana predicts that only a third of organizations will have transformed analytics with conversational and narrative technologies to provide personalized and prescriptive insights to individuals.

If your enterprise organization hasn’t already started to think and act on the potential of the next generation of enterprise mobility: now is the time.

Tricia Morris is Director Social Media & Content Marketing at MicroStrategy.