IBM Planning Analytics in BARCs The Planning Survey 19

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BARC The Planning Survey 19 is based on findings from the world‘s largest and most comprehensive survey of planning software users, conducted from November 2018 to February 2019. In total, 1,367 people responded to the survey with 1,195 answering a series of detailed questions about their use of a named product. Altogether, 22 products (or groups of products) are analyzed in detail.
The Planning Survey 19 examines user feedback on planning product selection and usage across 28 criteria (KPIs) including business benefits, project success, business value, recommendation, customer satisfaction, user experience, planning functionality and competitiveness. This document contains just a selection of the headline findings for IBM Planning Analytics. It does not show all the KPI results and focuses mainly on the positive findings.
For more information on the survey, visit The BI Survey website.

Onderwerp: Planning
Publicatie datum: 1 mei 2019
Bedrijfsnaam: IBM
Auteur: BARC
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01-05-2019  |   PDF

IBM Planning Analytics in BARCs The Planning Survey 19

01-05-2019  |   PDF

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