Operational Insights – It’s What’s New, Exciting, and Highly Unusual

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I remember when I was growing up, my Dad, upon my arrival home from school or his arrival from his job, use to greet me with the same question over and over again. He would constantly ask me "What's new and exciting or highly unusual?" And especially as a teenager, I grew quite weary of his "question" and considered it an annoyance along with his other habit of constantly embarrassing me in front of my friends or my dates.

But, if he were here to ask me that question these days, I would have a readymade comeback answer with these two words. Operational Insights.

If you haven’t heard about the new, exciting and highly unusual Operational Insights, the Cloud-based Informatica product that helps you monitor, manage and optimize your Informatica PowerCenter or Big Data Management deployments and assets, then you might be missing out. As a machine learning–based operational monitoring and analytics tool, Operational Insights provides insight into all your PowerCenter and Big Data Management installations.

Released in 2018, there are new capabilities to optimize PowerCenter and Big Data Management deployments, and from early feedback, users are excited about the increased efficiency in managing these environments. And it’s also highly unusual in that it’s a FREE, Cloud-based product.

One of our users, a large real estate company uses Operational Insights to help with line of business capacity planning and the ability to implement chargebacks to those respective lines of business. Another large Consumer Package Goods business user reports they have much better visibility to job run metrics for proactive identification of potential issues which they can now mitigate before they become bigger issues.

I encourage you to download and deploy Informatica Operational Insights – try it out and tell us what you think. Once you install (usually less than an hour to get up and running), you’ll see the results.

Now you can better understand resource utilization, analyze workflows, manage capacity, and troubleshoot issues across all your PowerCenter and Big Data Management deployments in minutes. With predictive analytics and intelligent recommendations powered by CLAIRE, Informatica’s machine learning capability helps you improve your business SLAs while reducing costs.

Best of all, Operational Insights annual subscription of the base edition is free (paid offerings are available for longer data retention and additional domains).

Alan Lundberg is Principal Marketing Manager for Emerging Products at Informatica.