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Building your AI business case, don't gamble!

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A recent Gartner survey of global CIOs found that only 4%(!) of respondents had deployed Artificial intelligence (AI). Gartner estimates that by 2020, AI will be a priority for more than 30% of CIOs.

Work to do!
Despite the hype, Artificial intelligence is still the technology of the future for many organizations. We experience the same signals. Organizations have trouble to find the right business case on AI and often think a large investment is needed to implement AI. Business still sees AI as IT-party. We want to change this mindset and let AI be part of the whole company strategy.

To stimulate the creation of ideas, we found out that a simple AI ideation workshop can create up to 100 ideas in just one day. That proves a lot of creativity is already hidden in the companies and are eager to be used. But once found the perfect idea hard work still need to be done, selling it back to the organization.

Think big, start small, create value
A CEO often think in terms like save money, grow revenue, increase operational efficiency or innovate products. So, to sell your AI idea it’s advisable to use real-world examples how the technology could affect the business. It’s not the technology itself but the solution that’s important to invest in. Make this investment small and action-based, start experimenting. An experiment creates direct value and clears the road to make your idea supported by the CEO and/or management.

Once starting your experiment don’t wait for all the clean data or continue until you got the ‘best’ result. Start small and try to get the experiment done is one or two weeks to validate your hypotheses.
Reminder, the experiment is only to prove your idea is viable and worth to invest more.

Still need help?
Through all our experiences over the past years, Info Support has bundled our knowledge into an active program (lead time max 2 months to prove your hypotheses) where we can guarantee at least 70 new ideas in a day and help to make your experiment successful. Our AI Experts can guide you in the right direction and sell your business case internally.

Mark Wolffenbuttel

Mark Wolffenbuttel werkt als Sales and Business Development Manager bij Info Support.

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